"People try to burn us at the stake, for the life path we choose to take. 

Yet we choose to consciously blaze ahead,

not giving a damn about what anyone has said.

So go ahead, laugh, point, mock, and stare.

We surely won’t take the time to care...

With every whispered curse your lips try to send,

we smile because we never meant to offend.

We can’t help that we choose to look, think, and act different… it’s in our veins.

Our sense of self grows stronger, while their dark soul merely wanes.

So here’s to the rebellious few

that choose to live the life they really want to.

No matter how many people try to barbecue us alive,

we live our best life and continue to thrive."

 -Witches on Fire © 


We believe in the power of self expression. Our company is dedicated to helping you express your creative vision by providing unique products that reflect your passions, beliefs, and fondest interests. 

We are excited you have found us, and hope to help decorate your state of mind with bewitching jewelry that expresses who you are at your core.

No matter who tries to burn you at the stake for being different, never let the fire inside you die.